We provide an exclusive corporate astrology service for businessmen to know their astrological compatibility with their partners in business, the good or bad impact of their partner’s astrological profile on them.

There are many people who have the entrepreneur spirit in them and want to do their own business. Whether you are wanting to start a new business or planning to diversify your current venture, take help from the stars before you leap into the unknown. In Vedic astrology, the 2nd house rules wealth, the 11th house rules gains and the 9th house is Bhagyasthana – i.e. the house of fortune and luck. Certain planetary combinations produce Dhana yogas or wealth giving conditions.

Our analysis of your business prospects will tell you the strengths of your horoscope, whether business will suite you or not, the types of business and the products that will suit you, the good and the bad periods and the remedies to improve.

Important note about this service. (Please read carefully)

  • All reports are prepared by the Astrologer Tarunbhai Sastri.
  • This report requires your precise ‘Birth Time’. If you are unaware of the same then kindly avail the ‘Birth Time Determination’ service.
  • This report will be sent by ‘E-Mail’ that may take up to 10 days in some cases. This is not an instant downloadable report.
  • Non-credit card payments are possible through ‘Telegraphic Bank Transfer’ or ‘Western Union Money Transfer’.
  • Indian residents can pay by local cheque/DD drawn in favor of: ‘Astrologer Tarunbhai Sastri.

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