Match Making


Marriages are made in heaven. Most of us know that a few marriages/relationships are like your worst nightmare it’s because some couples lack compatibility, and stars play a crucial role here. By using the ancient Indian art of kundli (birth chart) matching, we can help you find out if yours is a match truly made in heaven.

The compatibility report let us know about our compatibility with our partner. This also helps in knowing the love astrology compatibility.

The love horoscope is made up to analyze the compatibility between the two people. It basically covers the impact of your life partner on your life, luck aspects, career, overall growth, success rates and happiness. The marriage compatibility horoscope tells about the association with your life partner after marriage. It also helps in taking the mutual decisions in life. Basically the relationships horoscopes are the overall parameters for the couples.

By doing a detailed matching of the boy and girl and also by studying and matching the lagna, rasi, Navamsa charts, the Chiarts points matching, Mangala dosha, we will advise you regarding the compatibility. The report will include: The Charts matching total score, Mangala Dosha (Kuja Dosham), the overall compatibility and our advise on whether the match is suitable or not plus the suggested remedies.

Important note about this service. (Please read carefully)

  • All reports are prepared by the Astrologer Tarunbhai Sastri.
  • This report requires your precise ‘Birth Time’. If you are unaware of the same then kindly avail the ‘Birth Time Determination’ service.
  • This report will be sent by ‘E-Mail’ that may take up to 10 days in some cases. This is not an instant downloadable report.
  • Non-credit card payments are possible through ‘Telegraphic Bank Transfer’ or ‘Western Union Money Transfer’.
  • Indian residents can pay by local cheque/DD drawn in favor of: ‘Astrologer Tarunbhai Sastri’.
Match Making
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