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Following proper instructions as prescribed by the Vastu guidelines can lead to happiness in various aspects of home life.

Peace of Mind

The heads of the family have a lot of responsibility for keeping the family prosperous and happy. For that they themselves need enough strength and peace of mind to solve the problems of the family. For them the right Vastu place in the house is the South-West or South of the house. At least eight hours a day should be spent in this area.

The room for parents the bed needs to be placed in the south-west corner of the room without touching either the western or southern wall with head to the south while sleeping. This results in the induction of south polarity in the head for everyone in the northern hemisphere. Placing the head in alignment to the geographical or magnetic north makes the blood circulation stable and ensures better health. Hence, it will help to review matters justly and take the right decisions. This will result in the peace of mind.


For perfect happiness of the family each member should understand his/her responsibility towards the family. This can be best brought out by allocation suitable rooms for each member. It is advisable to give the north-west room to daughter and the south-east room to son.

Agneya (South-East) is ruled by agni or fire signifying assertiveness and aggressive attitude. As fire predominantly rules this sector, newly married couples should stay away from this room. Children who aren’t confident enough can make use of this room and hope to banish their fear and grow confident. People who are aggressive by nature should avoid a south-east room.

Vayuvya (North-West) is ruled by vayu or air and signifies movement or transit. This sector relates to peace of mind for mothers, hence for the family and is not suitable for already disturbed minds. If we have to use the north-west rooms invariably, we need to reinforce the interiors with favourable elements so that the disturbance is minimized, if not removed. This sector may not be appropriate for youngsters in their formative years, especially boys. Newly-wed couples can use this room.


Education is an important aspect related to happiness in a family. The education of children can be a cause of concern for parents. Students having difficulty in studies should study in rooms placed in the south-east direction while sitting in the north-east corners of the rooms facing east. Students who are able to handle their studies well should study facing east sitting in the central east of the room. Students are also advised to sleep with their heads aligned to the east in beds in the south-west corners of the rooms.

We have seen from experimentations in medical electricity that if a current is passed from one part of the body to another, it removes all inflammation residing in that part of the body. A current of thermal electricity passes through the Earth from East to West. So lying down with the head placed eastward ensures that this current passes through the body from the head to the feet and subdues inflammation. It therefore relaxes the body and clears the mind.


Day to day conflicts among the family members affects the peace of mind of the family. The source of these disturbances can be traced to the South-West. Water sources in the South-west corner of the house should be filled up or in case the South-west corner is discarded it should be utilized as this can lead to depression among the family. No doors should be present on the south or west of the South-west of the building, as doors in these directions can create family disturbances.


General health of the family can be improved by members sleeping with the head placed towards South. People with disturbed minds can be utilized central east rooms with beds in the south – west corners of the room, not touching the walls.


With matters related to profession it is important to look into the placements of the sitting space in the office and also the arrangement of furniture in that room. In general, the east direction is considered fortunate. The East sector is ruled by the Sun who signifies health – mental and physical. This helps in having a clear mind and body to make the right decisions in the professional front.


Sometimes the elders in the family find that the inflow of revenue does not match their hard and sincere efforts. This can be traced to several factors in the Vastu of the house. It recommended that the water source should be placed North of North-east water source. A well or a water pump should be placed in this direction to ensure adequate cash flow.

The North direction is ruled by Lord Kuber, who is the God of wealth and riches. Jewellery, cash, property papers and other important documents should be placed in the central north room of the house with the safes kept in the south – west corners of the room and opening facing the North. This way ensures that the revenue of the family stabilizes.

Vastushastra helps in regulating our lives. The suggestions and recommendations can help to ease problems faced in a family and improve things. The benefits of the recommendations vary from person to person and any implied success is not guaranteed.

The information provided here is not owned by us. These are publicly available facts offered solely as educative material. We disclaim any warranties of any form, communicated or implied, as to the results of the information, content or materials expressed herein

Vastu For Residential
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